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Barbados Civil Aviation Circulars

pdf ADAC-001 Aerodrome Licence Application
pdf ADAC-002 Control of Obstacles
pdf List of Airworthiness Circulars
pdf AAC-001 Certification Of An Approved Maintenance Organisation
pdf AAC-002 Reviewing Accepting And Approving manuals
pdf AAC-003 Calibration And Test Equip
pdf AAC-004 Technical Log
pdf AAC-005 Evaluating Continuous Maintenance Programme
pdf AAC-006 Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems
pdf AAC-007 Weight And Balance Control Procedures
pdf AAC-008 Aircraft Fire Precautions
pdf AAC-009 Mandatory Mods Inspections
pdf AAC-010 Small Maintenance Organisations
pdf AAC-011 Issue Of Export Certificates Of Airworthiness
pdf AAC-012 Major Mod And Major Repairs
pdf AAC-013 Evaluating And Approving Maintenace Contractural Arrangements
pdf AAC-014 Gas Turbine Engines Critical Parts
pdf AAC-015 Issue Of Special Flight Permits
pdf AAC-016 Maintenance Records
pdf AAC-017 Painting Of Aircraft

pdf AAC-018 The Problem Of Bogus Parts
pdf AAC-019 Acceptance Of Aircraft Components Material
pdf AAC-020 Light Aircraft Piston Engine Overhaul
pdf AAC-021 Hand Fire Extinguishers For Use In Aircraft
pdf AAC-022 Personnel Certification For Non Destructive Testing
pdf AAC-023 Avionics Test Equipment
pdf AAC-024 Flight Data Recorders
pdf AAC-025 Maintenance Control By Reliability Methods
pdf AAC-026 Issue-Renewal Of C Of A
pdf AAC-027 Charging Rooms For Aircraft Batteries
pdf AAC-028 Approval Of Avionics Equipment
pdf AAC-029 Handling Procedures For Static Sensitive Devices
pdf - AAC-030 Aviation Fuel Installations And Aircraft Fuelling
pdf AAC-031 Vor Equipment Check Ifr
pdf AAC-032 Exchange And Use Of Continuing Awn Info
pdf AAC-033 Accident Prevention And Flight Safety
pdf AAC-034 Technical Guidance
pdf AAC-035 Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

pdf AAC-036 AAC-036 Wet Lease Arrangements

pdf GAC-001 An Introduction To The Regulatory Framework
pdf GAC-002 Quality System Programme
pdf OAC-001 Certification Of An Air Operator
pdf OAC-002 Operators Quality System
pdf OAC-003 Aircraft Mass Balance And Control
pdf OAC-004 Aircraft Ground Handling And Servicing
pdf OAC-005 Aircraft Fuel Control
pdf OAC-006 Passenger Safety Information And Briefing Cards
pdf OAC-007 Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Programme
pdf OAC-008 Transport Of Sporting Weapons By Air
pdf OAC-009 Transport Of Munitions Of War By Air
pdf OAC-010 Flight Deck Seat Associated Equipment
pdf OAC-011 Aircraft Wet Lease
pdf OAC-012 Crew Resource Management Crm Training
pdf OAC-013 Line Oriented Flight Training
pdf OAC-014 Hand Fire Extinguishers For Use In Aircraft
pdf OAC-015 Flight Crew Training Records
pdf PLAC-001 Barbados New Pilot Licence Format
pdf PLAC-002 Barbados Private Pilot Licence-Eligibility Application Renewal
pdf PLAC-004 RePLACement Of And Required Changes To Flight Crew Licences Barbados
pdf PLAC-006 Eligibility,Application And Renewal Of Professional Flight Crew Licences
pdf PLAC-008 Barbados Timely Submission Of Applications
pdf PLAC-009 Barbados Designation Of Aviation Medical Examiners
pdf PLAC-010 Barbados Ame Licensing Standards
pdf PLAC-011 Barbados Requirements For Conversion Of Pilots Licences
pdf PLAC-012 Fees Applicable Licence Holders
pdf PLAC-013 New Members To The Team Of Barbados Medical Examiners
pdf PLAC-014 Barbados New Medical Vailidity Period For Pilots
pdf PLAC-015 Barbados New Medical Vailidity Period For Atcos
pdf PLAC-017 Validation of a Pilot licence
pdf PLAC-023 LPR Barbados Language Proficency Requirements
pdf PLAC-026 Competency requirements for AMEL
pdf PLAC-028 Competency requirements for pilots
pdf PLAC-029 Issue of a SPL
pdf PLAC-030 FE Qual Standards
pdf PLAC-039 Instructor And Examiner Qualifications And Training
pdf PLAC-040 Certification Of An Ato
pdf PLAC-041 Quality System
pdf PLAC-050 Learning Statements
pdf PLAC-051 Airman Knowledge Testing Authorization Requirements Matrix
pdf PLAC-052 Test Aids For Knowledge Tests
pdf PLAC-053 Flight Instructor Instrument Skill Test Standards
pdf PLAC-054 Ppl Balloon Skill Test Standards
pdf PLAC-055 Private Pilot Licence Knowledge Test Guide
pdf PLAC-056 Private Pilot Licence Skill Test Standards
pdf PLAC-057 Ppl Airship Skill Test Standards
pdf PLAC-058 Flight Instructor Glider Skill Test Standards
pdf PLAC-059 Examiner Knowledge Test Guide
pdf PLAC-060 Instrument Knowledge Test Guide
pdf PLAC-061 Instrument Rating Skill Test Standards
pdf PLAC-065 Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test Guide
pdf PLAC-066 Commercial Pilot Licence Skill Test
pdf PLAC-067 Cpl Helicopter Skill Test Standards
pdf PLAC-068 Ppl Glider Skill Test Standards
pdf PLAC-070 Instructors Knowledge Test Guide
pdf PLAC-071 Flight Instructor Skill Test Standards
pdf PLAC-075 Airline Transport Pilot
pdf PLAC-076 Airline Transport Pilot Licence And Type Rating Skill Test Standards
pdf PLAC-079 Designated Flight Operations Officer Examiner Skill Test Standards